Does Honey Expire?


No! Honey is the only natural food that doesn’t spoil.  However, if exposed to air and moisture honey may collect yeast and begin to ferment.

Do you heat your honey?


In order to ensure all naturally occurring goodness remains in our honey, we gently warm it; only to the minimum temperature necessary to make it easy to pour into the jar.

Why does honey crystalize?


Honey crystalizes in the bee hive. Crystallization is a process that happens to real, raw honey, because it is not subjected to high temperatures or high levels of processing/filtration. Some honey varieties tend to crystallize faster than others.

Is my honey still good if it starts to crystalize?


Yes! This is a natural process of honey straight from the hive. Crystallized honey can be enjoyed as a crunchy spread, or if the jar is placed into a bowl of warm water, it will return to a liquid and it’s ready to enjoy, however you prefer!

Is Zeigler's honey raw?

Yes! All of Zeigler’s Honey is raw. Straight from the hive to the jar (with a pinch of straining in between) to retain all natural enzymes and pollen.

Do you filter your honey?

All of Zeigler’s honey is unfiltered. We only gently strain our honey; just enough to remove any bee parts and wax chucks, but leaving all other naturally occurring goodness untouched. 

Does Zeigler's add any flavoring to their honey?

No, we don’t add any type of flavoring or extracts to our honey. Zeigler’s offers several different honey varieties. These honeys get their name solely from the floral source in which the bees collected nectar from while making the honey.  Each variety showcases the unique flavor that comes naturally from the floral source.

What is the white "foam" on the top of honey in the jar?

The white foam like substance you sometimes see when you open a jar of honey is simply a mixture of air bubbles and small pieces of wax and pollen that were trapped in the honey during processing . This all settles at the top of the honey and creates this white “foam”. If desired, scoop it out and continue enjoying your honey!

Where is the best place to store honey?

Honey is best when stored at room temperature, as colder temperatures can increase the chances of crystallization. So we recommend storing your Zeigler’s honey on your counter, dinner table, or in your pantry.